Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Our vast assortment of crates and carriers

When we brought Mags home yesterday from the vet, she was p.o.'ed to say the least! If I could translate half the things she said to us.............. Not only was she still a little tanked, but she was just. plain. mad, she was mad at that bandage on her leg, she was mad because she had zero balance and kept flipping over, she was mad cause she didn't like any of the crates or carriers we tried her in.....the list goes on.

"Hey Maizy, slip me some tools so I can break outta this prison!"

We are very blessed to have access to a large assortment of carriers and crates through the Beaufort Community Cat Project. (We use the crates to give post op care to the feral cats we spay and neuter) We tried 4 different crates and carriers. One was too big, one was too small, you get the picture. Before bed we put Maggie on the couch to eat a little supper and drink some water. She had fun with the water. She would dip her paw in the bowl, lick the water, then go to washing up her face and legs.

This is the way we wash our paw, wash our paw, wash our paw....

After she ate and washed up, it was time for some Metacam, pain medication the vet prescribed. Once that was down, Maggie settled in for the night in a large cat carrier, where she slept pretty comfortably.

"What a cruel, cruel world!"

This morning it was feeding time at 6:15am. After feeding all the others, I put Maggie May up on the couch with me. She had a ferocious appetite and ate all of her breakfast. However, when I looked down on the couch I saw a tiny tooth, hopefully it was only a baby tooth!
After breakfast Maggie finally used the litter box. It was a tough go at first because she is unable to bend her left leg and she flipped over a few times. It took many, many, tries but she finally went, standing up, and I was happy. Maggie had much better control and balance this morning. I even caught her running and playing like normal. That is when I knew it was time to go back into the carrier.

Maggie sporting her fashionable pink leg bandage.

Maggie goes back to the vet on September 2nd to get her bandage removed, and again on September 10 to get the sutures removed from her belly and her leg.

Thanks again for all the good thoughts!! My Papa's surgery has been moved to Tuesday.

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