Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Wanna Be Sedated

Just got the call from the vet tech........Mags is in recovery and we can pick her up at 3:30. We are both very relieved that she had an uncomplicated surgery. Now, we are keeping our fingers crossed for an uncomplicated recovery!

Don't know about this crating her for a week deal. I tried to feed her in the crate last night. Once I shut the door she flipped out, started climbing up the sides, and took off up the stairs when I opened the door. She didn't make it far up the steps before she started crying out in pain and layed out. Boy did I feel guilty!!!

Can't wait to see her and just keep her as comfortable as possible during her recovery.
Thanks for all the good thoughts today. Keep them up for her and also for my Papa who is in the hospital preparing for gall bladder surgery.


  1. man i am sure she will recover soon.

  2. Glad Maggie did well through surgery! Hope her and papa's recovery is a quick one:)


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