Saturday, August 30, 2008

Running On Empty

Maggie May isn't feeling too good today. She seems to be in quite a bit of pain. I am giving her a daily dose of Metacam to control the pain and inflammation along with Clavamox to prevent infection. She isn't eating like normal, has only eaten a few bites all day. Seems to no longer fancy her Eukanuba Kitten Formula. Strange too, cause she used to inhale it. I have also tried some Blue Spa Select wet food, but she just turns up her nose. She acted fine up until now. She is also chewing at her bandage a lot, so I dabbed it with bitter apple as a deterrent. Problem is, I think she likes the taste. Perhaps if I dabbed it with some of her wet food she would leave it alone :)

Hoping Maggie starts eating regularly again soon and her pain eases, the vet clinic is closed and it's a 3 day weekend. It will not be open again until Tuesday, when we have our bandage removal appointment. It is just always nice to be able to call and ask questions when I have concerns. Possibly find out if I can do anything to make her feel better.

Jr likes to say that I rush to call the vet if one of my cats looks at me differently. That is not entirely true, but I do pay close attention to changes in their behavior. Cats tend to hide illness very well. Besides, our pets are very "special" it seems if there is an ailment to be had one of ours has probably had it. Here are just a few ailments that have brought us to the vet's office: feline endocrine alopecia (Cal), tonsillitis (Maya) --and we thought he had eaten a string, go figure, struvite crystals (Cal) --hospitalized for 3 days for treatment with a catheter and sub-q fluids, binge eating (Dixie) --you should see the x-ray after she inhaled a 4lb bag of food.... she also loves giardelli chocolates with wrappers.....two bags at a time, personality disorder (CoCo, diagnosed by me :) --but seriously, the dog was on prozac, insecticide poisoning (Dixie) --now that was scary, saving her required lots of charcoal and IV fluids, and now a luxating patella.

Now see.... none of these diagnoses would have been possible unless I rushed to phone the vet:)

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  1. Oh Me Dana! Good thing you pay attention! Cats are especially hard to diagnose because they are fine one day and the next its something major! Im glad my dog is not the only one who can survive eating pounds and pounds of chocolate!


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