Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall To Pieces

Woke at 6am this morning to the sound of Maggie trying to chew her way out of the crate. Last night we moved her into the small dog crate to give her more room.
She managed to pop open on of her sutures last night. It was one of the sutures high up on her leg, she had chewed away some of the bandage. Jr and I had to reapply new bandage to cover it. From what I could see the rest of the sutures appeared to be fine and still intact.

Tuna to the is the only thing we can get her to eat. I realize it is not the healthiest of choices, but it is better than not eating at all. She was crying out in pain this morning. We made the decision to go ahead and give her the pain meds early, instead of the usual time at 5pm. Since it is prescribed for once per day, I don't know what we are gonna do when she is in pain tonight. This medicine is not one I am all to familiar with, but I am pretty certain she can not take two doses in one day.

I am so ready for it to be Tuesday so we can go to the vet and he can assess the situation with the open suture, pain, and refusal to eat.

**As our thoughts are with MaggieMay, they are also with the people along the Gulf Coast as another monster storm, Gustav, heads their way.**

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  1. Dear Maggie May,

    Thanks for the birthday wish message for my cat Mia :)

    Have a great weekend!



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