Friday, August 29, 2008

Peaceful Easy Feelin'

I don't have much to report this morning. No news is good news! Maggie May is getting very restless in her carrier. I do take her out for about 1 hour total each day to eat, drink, stretch and use the litter box. I made her bed in the carrier extra cozy with a piece of a memory foam mattress topper wrapped in her favorite blanket. I added a stuffed pink pig for a pillow--thanks CoCo. Since she is spending about 23 hours per day in the carrier, I want her to be comfy!

She is recovering very well, she walks and can even run on her leg. She shouldn't be running, so I do my best to keep her from doing that when she is out of the carrier. She is a kitten, she can't help it. This morning she even did a few wrestling moves on Maya. I think Maya is really enjoying the break! Chevelle on the other hand, has not come down stairs since Maggie came back from surgery. We've had to bring her meals to her in the cat condo. I believe she is freaked out by all the crates and carriers in the living room.

Hope you all enjoy the Labor Day holiday.......I know we will!!

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  1. Hi! My cat - Mia is celebrating her 2 years old birthday, i hope you can drop her comment/wishes here >



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