Thursday, September 25, 2008

30 Days In The Hole

Today marks Maggie May's 30th day of solitary confinement. She has around 12 more days until she gets out on parole. She can't wait to be a kitten on the outside again.

"Please let me out, I promise I'll be good.....come on!"

Somehow her right leg bandage fell off in the night. Maggie had the e-collar on the entire night and there were no chew marks on the bandage, so we are baffled. The only thing we can guess is that it lost it's stickiness and slipped off. The left bandage is dangling around her ankle and really annoying her. The vet said that it was ok and if I wanted to take the left one off that would be fine too, since they were going to be removed tomorrow anyway. This means that we don't have to go to the vet tomorrow...yay! However, Dr. W did say if at anytime we felt we needed to bring her in we could. As always, thanks for all the purrs and well wishes for Mags!

Last night we got a lead on a possible home for our fosters, CC and Snoopy. It is a horse barn in town that is already home to 3 other spayed/neutered and vaccinated kitties. The owner of the barn is a very trustworthy lady who took in a BCCP feral that needed to be relocated from a dangerous area. CC and Snoopy were mostly outdoors before their owner died and I know they would prefer to be back in the great outdoors again. They would have a climate controlled tack room when they needed shelter from the elements and lots of land to roam and mice to chase. We are planning a site visit to scope out the location and get a better feel for it. It is good to have this as an option and it will keep them together.

**I wanted to wish a happy 4th wedding anniversary to the best part of me, my husband Jr!**

**5catsmom....Maggie May is flattered that Henry has a kitty crush on her. Maggie hasn't felt very purrty lately, she cannot groom with the funnel on her head.**


  1. Maggie
    You are amazing resilient and so beautiful only a few more days of confinement and you'll be free! OH and Momma fell so in love with Scooby (CC you're adorable too but Momma has a 'thing' for tuxies) and we wish them both well...


  2. Hang in there Princess. It will be worf it and I fink you are beautiful efen if you can't lik your furs properly.

  3. Thing 1- Meowmy is drooling over the climate controlled tack room. She would LOVE that as the barn gets really cold in the winter and it dries her saddles and bridles and stuff.

    Thing 2- Maggie I can relate. I spent quite a few months in an isolation room when I was a kitten. I had a femur infection and had a bone biopsy and was stuck with the e-collar for 6 weeks. I managed to rip out my sutures anyway :). I was 6 months old when it was all over and I did not want to be touched or held because of all I'd been through. However I'm happy to report I do love affection now!


  4. Awwwww......Maggie Mae!! Soon you'll be free! That collar does not look like any fun!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. Dana, What a cute post!!! I love the part about not grooming! LOL!

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope it was a good one.


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