Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Times, Bad Times

Ya know, I was really hoping to wrap this blog up real nice in about a week and a half and move on to my next blog that features all the kitties. Looks like it will be extended a little longer. I didn't post over the weekend like I normal try to do because, honestly, I was pretty depressed. This weekend was filled with a few good times, but way more bad times. Let me start off with the good times. 

Jr entered his 1969 Chevelle SS 396 in a car show on Saturday.....spur of the moment, and won 3rd place. His dad took home second with his 1964 Malibu Chevelle. I am very proud of them both. Jr has worked 4 long years on this car, full body off restoration. He had lots of great competition, but I predict a 1st place win next year, by then the restoration will be complete. We also attended the Crystal Coast Super Boat Grand Prix. It was fun and just about took my mind off the bad.

"Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packing here....."

So here it is......the bad. We had our friends wake and memorial on Friday and Saturday, both were lovely services, but they were very sad. Then on Sunday, Maggie May could no longer use her back legs, she was lame. If she tried to stand, she cried. If she managed to stand, her back legs levitated off the ground, which was pretty peculiar. She pretty much dragged herself around the crate by her front legs. 

Dropped her off to the vet this morning, had some x-rays......both knee caps are out of place, again. After seeing the x-rays of her legs, it is easy to see why the two prior procedures are not holding, despite the vets best efforts. Her legs are S- shaped, the thigh goes one way, the shin the opposite. The good news is, the bones that Dr. W repositioned and pinned two weeks ago are holding up nicely. He has suggested what is pretty much a last resort, short of reshaping the leg bones. He is going to hold the patella in place with the medical equivalent of 50 lb fishing line. This procedure is usually used in dogs with ligament problems. The line will go through the patella and wrap around the back of the leg bone.

We feel very confident in this procedure. The recovery will not be as long, he suggested crating her for 1 week, we are gonna do two. The incision will not be as long, he will go in the same incision as before, because it will heal quicker. This surgery will not be as invasive as the last surgery, there will be no cutting of bone and deepening grooves. There will still be dreaded bandages and staples, but that is the least of our concerns.  You know what they say.......third times a charm!

Maggie May has the best spirit and keeps us going through all of this, because believe me.....these have been trying times. We want to thank all of our friends for all the well wishes and purrs. The friends we know personally and the cool cat bloggers, you guys rock! Lori, thank you for your kind words yesterday when I felt as hopeless as could be. Jen, thanks for letting me talk your ear off last night and today and putting my mind at ease. Amy, Tricia, Ty, Carin, Paula, Kim, Mama, Emily, Leah, Montez......if I am forgetting anyone, forgive me, my mind is shot.


  1. Good luck with your new surgery! It sounds like its very positive and hopefully will work.


  2. Soory you is hafing such difficult times. At least the surgery sounds pawsitif. Come on kitty, straighten out them legs !!

  3. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear these developments! I do feel your pain, it is so heartwrenching to see our kitties in pain. Rest assured you are doing all you can to help her and all of you, especially Miss Maggie May, are in our prayers. We are purring on overtime here! Henry Mittens sends special headbonks to Miss Maggie.

    Love and purrs, Pat and kitties

  4. Hi there, thanks for visiting owr blog. It's nise to meet fellow Norf Carolinians.

    We are sending lots of purrs for Miss Maggie May to feel better soon.

    Hugs & purrs,
    Finnegan Buddy & Jasmine

  5. I am sure you will be back jumping and happy in no time~!!
    I am praying and purring for you, you will be perfectly fine!

  6. Im thinking about you and Maggie May daily! Hopefully 3rd time is a charm:) Maggie May is so lucky to have someone who cares as much as you and Jr. do about her!

    When I saw all those cars..I thought about Jr. when we were going through downtown Morehead Saturday that where he placed?
    If so Congrats!

  7. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

    That was something just stop by and actually win:)


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