Friday, September 19, 2008

Livin' On A Prayer

Well, just got home from Mag's staple removal appointment. Staples have been removed....YAY! Maggie's right leg is perfect....her left patella is not out of place, it may be a little off some of the time. That is why she is walking a little funny. However, Dr.W said that with time and as scar tissue forms it could be normal or there may be a chance we have to do a little more tweaking.

The bone structure in Maggie May's left leg is very deformed and she may never walk normally and we may have to just deal with that as long as it is not causing pain. She is still taking her pain medication, Metacam and the joint supplement Cosequin. We are hoping the Cosequin will help to heal and repair some of the joint damage in the knees and ward off arthritis.

Time will tell and we will pray/purr that everything heals up and no further surgery is required. Gotta keep positive! Although, I am still a big ball of nerves every time Maggie comes out to walk for a few minutes. I watch every step, feel her knees, call Jr into the room to see if he thinks she is walking differently. I have become obsessed! But, Maggie is being the best sport in all of this. She doesn't even seem to mind the crate and carrier anymore. Which is good because Dr. W recommended 2 more weeks of confinement! Please send purrs our way and think good thoughts for Mags!

**Lori and Sweet Pea, we were very happy to hear that the consult went so well and that surgery is not needed at this time. Sending purrs your way!**


  1. Oh I'm glad Maggie is getting well, we hope the luxating patella go away soon!

  2. i think of you and your little kitties so much, dana... thank you for updating! i'll keep them in my prayers, babe.

  3. Hi, thanks for posting on my site and I hope Maggie is feeling better. If you want, you could write a post about my website and what i do with guide dogs. thanks

  4. I hope Maggie continues to make good pwogess.

  5. We are glad your baby girl is healing well! Not to worry too much, it is early yet and as she heals more she will hopefully walk better. All of us kitties and mama Pat too are purring hard for her continued recovery.
    We were so sorry to hear of your friend's accident. You have the biggest hearts in the world to foster his kitties.
    I know he's smiling down on all of you.
    Henry update... He is much better after 2 weeks and able to put more weight on those little back legs. We are just starting the Cosequin. He has started to climb and...eek,
    run again. We are hoping so much his improvement continues.
    Rest assured you all are in our purrs!

  6. Glad Maggie is recovering well! Hope you guys are doing well also!


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