Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama, I'm Coming Home

Just got the call from Dr.W, Maggie May is in recovery and waking up! He did the procedure as described yesterday. He said she had full range of motion, nothing popping out of place. We are keeping our fingers/paws crossed that everything will stay in the correct position. We will be heading over to pick her up at 4:00! I'm not sure when we can really take an easy breath, but we'll continue to be optimistic!


  1. I'm keeping my paws crossed for you Maggie May. Be a good girl cat and do effurything the v-e-t tells you won't you ? Pleeze.

  2. My Fingers crossed:) and Hopefully NO MORE SURGERIES! She's gonna be in the Guiness Book before long...

  3. Yeah!! We're still purring that this works.



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