Thursday, September 4, 2008

Movin' On Up

Maggie May's surgery has been moved up to Monday! I called yesterday and told the tech she is hardly able to walk at all and asked if we could do Monday instead of Wednesday. We originally decided on Wednesday because that is when she was scheduled to get her spay sutures removed. Not sure when they will do that now, Monday may be too early to remove them, if so I will have to bring her back in on Wednesday......hopefully not. I don't want to have to move her around too much after this one!

Maggie is on my desk in her new soft-sided cat carrier. Of course, I made it even more cushy when I added her memory foam mattress, favorite blanket, and pink stuffed pig. Girl has got it made! It is much easier to carry around than the big, bulky, hard carrier we had before. This one has a very handy shoulder strap! Only one's blue, not pink.......but, she's learning to live with that :)

**Want to give a "shout out" to Jen for covering my cat colony feedings this week. It helps more than you know!**

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  1. I pray for Maggie health. Hoping maggie will get well soon!



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