Friday, September 5, 2008

Ridin' The Storm Out

This morning when I let Dixie out and I stood on the porch, I was greeted by a familiar sky. The sky of an approaching tropical system. It is unmistakable and you know when you see it. Tropical storm Hanna is inching her way towards our coast. Tropical storms are nothing new to us, so we make the usual storm preparations which include pulling up the boat, bringing in the yard and porch furniture, making sure the generator is in working order, making sure we have food and the pets have plenty of food..yada, yada, yada. Another preparation was to go to one of my favorite feral cat colonies and load them up with plenty of food. I hope they eat before the rain comes in and washes it away.

"Employee of the month"

Every Friday I go to the bank on Front Street and there are usually lots of people, mostly tourists, especially in the summer. This morning it was very bare, the people and cars were few and far between. The boats have all been taken up or moved to safer places. Looked much like a ghost town. However, looking out across Taylor's Creek, I observed Charlton and Star, two feral horses on the Rachel Carson Reserve, snacking on some cord grass and enjoying the breeze.

Sleeping on the job

Looks like it is gonna be a very slow Friday here at work. Not too many people will be venturing out today, can't say I blame them. It is one of those good sleeping in days. We hope everyone is hunkered down and ready to ride out the squall.

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