Friday, September 12, 2008

Something In The Way She Moves

Just look at her walk......if you could see it in person, it is just beautiful! If her legs weren't shaved and full of metal, you'd never know she had surgery!

The bandage removal appointment went great! Dr. W says we are progressing nicely and Maggie May will probably want to do more than she really should. He said since she essentially had bone surgery, it may take around 8 weeks for it to heal completely. We still need to keep her confined. She is in great spirits now that the adhesive is no longer pulling on her sensitive skin. The staples will be removed on Friday, September 19. She tolerates the staples much better than she did the sutures she had the first time. She seems less interested in pulling them out and that is great!

We just did a little impromptu photo shoot, so I thought I would share.

**Welcome new blog reader, Lori and kitty Sweet Pea, who has been diagnosed with double luxating patellas and is just days away from her 1st birthday. Best of luck to both of you and keep us posted on her progress!**

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