Saturday, September 13, 2008

Takin' Care Of Business

"Maizy Grace"

I just had to share these pics with everyone. I am just going to try to convince myself that this was her first time and she was only "experimenting." I know Maizy and all the other kitties are feeling a little left out since Maggie's surgery. I haven't really been a good mama when it comes brushing their teeth lately, shame on me! I guess this is her way of saying she misses it. Point taken!

"If you want something done......better do it yourself!"

"I hope this is whitening toothpaste."

"Don't forget those hard-to-reach back teeth!"

**Don't worry....they have been replaced. Thanks to Jen for giving me that box of toothbrushes a few weeks back. They sure did come in handy!**

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  1. HAHA! Jordan would have a fit! I love it:) Maizy is so much like Camo!!!


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