Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whole Lotta Love

Maggie just wanted to thank all of her new friends who come over to check out her blog! She appreciates all the purrs and well wishes! Maggie loves company so dont' be strangers and come back often. We will be checking up on all you guys too. 

Tomorrow afternoon she gets her staples out and hopefully will get a great progress report. The weather here has cooled a bit and Maggie seems to be a little stiff in the knees. I pray that is all it is!! When she came out for a few minutes last night, there was something different in her gait. I just left a voicemail with the vet to see if this is normal.


  1. Hi there! Its nice to meet you. I hope getting the staples out goes smoothly!


  2. Good luck for tomorrow Maggie May!

  3. Aoise here from the Yoo Kay. Nice to meet you. I'll be thinking of your staples and their uneventful removal.

  4. Hey~~~~
    Certainly we love to know Maggie May~!!!!
    Good luck and we always pray for you!


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