Sunday, October 12, 2008

Born To Run

Update on Maggie May:
Friday at 5:00 pm she was released from the crate.........she went wild (wrestling, running on the stairs, climbing furniture, etc) and was put in the bedroom about 15 minutes later. When her ears cock back and she gets that wild look in her eyes, there is not much time to react before she goes nuts. Jr and I flinched with practically every move she made, we did not want a repeat of the last month and a half, so we put her up. We let her back out for about 30 minutes before bed and she was much calmer. She seemed pretty sore and slept all night in the crate.

Reuniting with Ferris....before she put him
in a headlock and we put her in the bedroom

She spent most of Saturday in the bedroom while I was off on a much needed shopping trip. I opened the bedroom door for her to come out in the rest of the house, but she wanted to stay on the bed and rest. We believe her muscles were aching and sore from not being used much for the last 45 days. She slept in the crate all night.

Enjoying freshly laundered sheets, hot outta the dryer

This morning she is doing very well, doesn't seem as sore, but is just laying around on the bed and taking it easy. What I am most happy to report........her legs are working great!!


  1. I have been meaning to tell you that when my 'rents adpoted Diamond Doggie he had a Luxtating Patella on his right rear leg. So at a year old in 2003 he had his operation. It went well and 5 years later he runs like the wind!
    We call him the billion dollar doggie!

  2. I am so glad everything is going well! Maggie May must have so much pent-up energy to burn.

  3. We're so happy to hear Maggie May is healing up well. She'll be better than ever soon. Watch out fellow felines, Maggie May is coming!

  4. Awww, sweet girl! So glad she is doing well ... poor little thing was so happy to finally be FREE!!! ;o)

  5. maggie, yoo iz a little spitfire!!yoo need to be creful and not hurt yorself agin

  6. We are soooo happy that Maggie May is feeling good. Just as happy as we can be!!!
    Keep healing pretty girl!
    ~ Timothy and The Bunch

  7. i like cats that have a lot of energy. You can play more with them. Happy that Maggie it's ok and feeling good.

  8. I hope you keep getting better and better!


  9. I'm very happy that Maggie May is doing so well. It's been a long haul for her I bet. I'm glad she's less sore and I hope she settles down to a rather more sedate kittenhood (fat chance teehee)

    It's lovely to see her out and about.

  10. WOO HOO!!!!!! Maybe she needs a heating pad to help loosed those sore muscles.

  11. Maggie da hot sheets from the dryer madedid yer legs feel gud we bet!

  12. Maggie, my doggie Grete sends you healing wishes (ok all us kitties do too)...she's a spitfire too. She is now on house arrest for another 2 weeks because she is 2 years old and wants to play with all of us so much. Seems like all of the kitties in your family have so much in common with my, FIV+, asthma....oh my!

  13. I love the background of your blog- it is beautiful!

  14. Hi Maggie May!
    So you were born on April 15th too? We could celebrate our birthday together! It's a bit strange though with my date, because they might have mixed me up with my sisfur. My mom would like it to be the 15th of April though, because it's HER birthday too.
    Glad to see that your doing much better. Keep going & and soon you can make up for everything! You have to be in shape for our big party next April!!!
    Purrs, Siena


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