Thursday, October 2, 2008

Closer To Free

I am having a hard time getting Maggie May to eat her meals lately. Maggie's only objective in life at this point, is getting the heck out of the carrier/crate. I put the food in there with her and she dumps it over or covers it with her blankets while trying to scratch or dig her way out. We are wasting quite a bit of Cosequin and Ligaplex, which are supplements designed to help a kitty in her condition. If only I could fast forward time, I would! Only 4 more days Mags!

To prepare for Maggie May's release, Jr will be constructing steps or a ramp to help Maggie get on and off the bed with less impact to her knees. Now all we need is an elevator or chair lift for the stairs and we'd be straight! They will be my biggest concern when she is finally released from solitary.

Maggie and Cal, before her knee problems and surgeries

While Jr will be playing "Bob the Builder" I will be volunteering with the BCCP Friday night and Saturday morning, re-vaccinating our feral colonies.


  1. What a purrecious baby girl! So sorry for all she has had to go through but what a blessing for her to have such wonderful loving beans!

  2. 4 more days? That seems like a lot of days to be in the PTU! Poor little Maggie May!

  3. hand in there maggie, only fur more daze

  4. I am praying for our lovely Maggie~!!!!
    It will be fine!

  5. I remember when that was my only objective too- get out!! Don't worry though, soon you'll be out and you'll eat normally.



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