Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Remember You

Maggie reuniting with Maizy Grace

Maggie enjoying some nip on the boogie mat

Reuniting with Dixie

Some things never change. I don't know what it is about Maya, but Maggie May loves to put the wrestling moves on him. They were separated shortly after this picture was taken.

Maggie May is still in the bedroom while we are not home, but we are letting her out a lot when we are home. Since Maggie May has not been formally introduced to CC and Snoopy (the fosters, yes they are still around) they are not out in the common areas together and we have to alternate.

For some reason Chevelle wants to stay in the room with Maggie. I think it has something to do with the fact that Maggie's food is out at all times and Chevelle's food isn't. So we let Chevelle in during the afternoons and at night to sleep (after the food has been put away.) Maggie wasn't too fond of Chevelle at first because she tried to steal her food......Maggie is very protective over her food and will hiss and slap at Chevelle. Maggie makes a very funny growling noise when she is eating and there is another kitty nearby. This is probably because she was born to a feral mother and may have had to fight for whatever food she had.

**Christina, Alex, Marcus, and Lucas, thanks for reading our blog. We are glad that you have found it helpful and we are sorry you are going through the same thing with your Marcus! Please feel free to email me. You can find my email address by clicking on my profile pic. Best of luck to your family!!**


  1. We are so happy to see Maggie May reunited with her family.

    We especially love the look on her face when she's with Maya.

  2. That looks like a happy reunion. Maggie, you still look so tiny! But feisty! Just like a good calico.

  3. How wonderful to see Maggie May getting back together with the family!

  4. Good to see you out and about a bit more Maggie!

    We will purr for Christina, Alex, Marcus and Lucas.

  5. We're glad Maggie May is getting to get out a bot more to get use to the colony and common grounds!

  6. Hi Maggie! It is really good seeing you socialising. I bet you missed that loads. You DO look younger than me, but I guess it's only the floof that adds up in my case. Glad to see that your up & whapping!

  7. Maggies Mom, the mom says dat she has raised different kittys and dat some of the growled when dey ate too but none of them were feral so perhaps it is a kitten fing?

    We is glad Maggie is gettin better!

  8. the cats are very cute.great to see Maggy back.

  9. It's lovely to see Maggie May reuniting with her family. I bet Maya was secretly pleased to get a few wrestling moves from her too.

  10. Maggie looks like she can hold her own in a whapping!


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