Monday, September 29, 2008

Ain't Goin' Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up

Maggie May has major cabin fever! She wants to get out of that crate so bad she can taste it. She even climbs to the top of the wire crate from the inside! Pretty much all night she make her cute little purrrt noise trying to get our attention. I don't think she sleeps too much. Can't blame a girl for trying!

She is with me here at work in her soft-sided carrier, she loves to catch up on her favorite kitties on the internet and take little cat naps. Not too much longer Tootlebug and you will be caged no longer! I just hate to see a cat in a cage. Or any animal for that matter!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Song Remains The Same

"How can I get out of this prison?"

Maggie May is doing well, I am happy to report. No change...yay! She is up and walking around her crate only. She keeps begging to be let out of jail, and it has been very hard for me to have to say no. She is really starting to hate being crated all the time. She has started scratching the bottom of the crate, trying to dig her way out. I do open the crate and reach in to give her lots of scrunches and she enjoys them very much.

"I'm so over this!"

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

After a hard week, we are so happy it's Friday!
Maggie May wants to wish all you cool cats a very happy weekend!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

30 Days In The Hole

Today marks Maggie May's 30th day of solitary confinement. She has around 12 more days until she gets out on parole. She can't wait to be a kitten on the outside again.

"Please let me out, I promise I'll be good.....come on!"

Somehow her right leg bandage fell off in the night. Maggie had the e-collar on the entire night and there were no chew marks on the bandage, so we are baffled. The only thing we can guess is that it lost it's stickiness and slipped off. The left bandage is dangling around her ankle and really annoying her. The vet said that it was ok and if I wanted to take the left one off that would be fine too, since they were going to be removed tomorrow anyway. This means that we don't have to go to the vet tomorrow...yay! However, Dr. W did say if at anytime we felt we needed to bring her in we could. As always, thanks for all the purrs and well wishes for Mags!

Last night we got a lead on a possible home for our fosters, CC and Snoopy. It is a horse barn in town that is already home to 3 other spayed/neutered and vaccinated kitties. The owner of the barn is a very trustworthy lady who took in a BCCP feral that needed to be relocated from a dangerous area. CC and Snoopy were mostly outdoors before their owner died and I know they would prefer to be back in the great outdoors again. They would have a climate controlled tack room when they needed shelter from the elements and lots of land to roam and mice to chase. We are planning a site visit to scope out the location and get a better feel for it. It is good to have this as an option and it will keep them together.

**I wanted to wish a happy 4th wedding anniversary to the best part of me, my husband Jr!**

**5catsmom....Maggie May is flattered that Henry has a kitty crush on her. Maggie hasn't felt very purrty lately, she cannot groom with the funnel on her head.**

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Emotion

"Who, me??"

With all that is going on we almost forgot all about Maggie May being featured as Halo Pet's Pet of the Week!! The great people at Halo Pets did a wonderful job on Maggie's feature and we really enjoyed reading it. Thank you again, Halo Pets!!! ~Purrs~ Maggie May

Check it out here:

** Maggie May was also featured as Petserella Pet Sitting Service's Pet of the Week several weeks back. This all makes the Mags feel very loved and a bit of a celebrikitty!**

Here I Go Again

Stop me if you've heard this one before..........
Day after surgery and Maggie is doing great! There was some growling and just plain screaming when she came home yesterday, but can you blame a girl! She didn't sleep much last night, which means, we didn't sleep much either. Of course, she is fighting the bandages, so the e-collar is back **dun dun dun!**

"My Lord honey, ain't I been mommicked in this world!"

I have only seen her stand two times, both times in the litter box. It is very difficult for her to get into a standing position with the bandages on, she is unable to bend her legs. So, I have to help her out when she goes potty. This can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Luckily, her crate is large enough for me to scoot my way in, so I can hold her up. Basically for the first few minutes she just lays in the litter box, then she tries standing....not always successfully. This morning when she was finished she walked right on out of the litter box herself. That is the only time I have seen her walk and it was only a few steps. Then I put her directly into the carrier so we could go to work.

Our bandage removal appointment is on Friday, yay! Since Maggie May did not bother the leg staples last time, she probably won't this time and there will be no need to wear the e-collar after Friday! Can't believe we were just at the vet last Friday having the staples removed. Talk about deja vu! This whole situation is starting to feel a lot like the movie, Groundhog Day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama, I'm Coming Home

Just got the call from Dr.W, Maggie May is in recovery and waking up! He did the procedure as described yesterday. He said she had full range of motion, nothing popping out of place. We are keeping our fingers/paws crossed that everything will stay in the correct position. We will be heading over to pick her up at 4:00! I'm not sure when we can really take an easy breath, but we'll continue to be optimistic!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Times, Bad Times

Ya know, I was really hoping to wrap this blog up real nice in about a week and a half and move on to my next blog that features all the kitties. Looks like it will be extended a little longer. I didn't post over the weekend like I normal try to do because, honestly, I was pretty depressed. This weekend was filled with a few good times, but way more bad times. Let me start off with the good times. 

Jr entered his 1969 Chevelle SS 396 in a car show on Saturday.....spur of the moment, and won 3rd place. His dad took home second with his 1964 Malibu Chevelle. I am very proud of them both. Jr has worked 4 long years on this car, full body off restoration. He had lots of great competition, but I predict a 1st place win next year, by then the restoration will be complete. We also attended the Crystal Coast Super Boat Grand Prix. It was fun and just about took my mind off the bad.

"Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packing here....."

So here it is......the bad. We had our friends wake and memorial on Friday and Saturday, both were lovely services, but they were very sad. Then on Sunday, Maggie May could no longer use her back legs, she was lame. If she tried to stand, she cried. If she managed to stand, her back legs levitated off the ground, which was pretty peculiar. She pretty much dragged herself around the crate by her front legs. 

Dropped her off to the vet this morning, had some x-rays......both knee caps are out of place, again. After seeing the x-rays of her legs, it is easy to see why the two prior procedures are not holding, despite the vets best efforts. Her legs are S- shaped, the thigh goes one way, the shin the opposite. The good news is, the bones that Dr. W repositioned and pinned two weeks ago are holding up nicely. He has suggested what is pretty much a last resort, short of reshaping the leg bones. He is going to hold the patella in place with the medical equivalent of 50 lb fishing line. This procedure is usually used in dogs with ligament problems. The line will go through the patella and wrap around the back of the leg bone.

We feel very confident in this procedure. The recovery will not be as long, he suggested crating her for 1 week, we are gonna do two. The incision will not be as long, he will go in the same incision as before, because it will heal quicker. This surgery will not be as invasive as the last surgery, there will be no cutting of bone and deepening grooves. There will still be dreaded bandages and staples, but that is the least of our concerns.  You know what they say.......third times a charm!

Maggie May has the best spirit and keeps us going through all of this, because believe me.....these have been trying times. We want to thank all of our friends for all the well wishes and purrs. The friends we know personally and the cool cat bloggers, you guys rock! Lori, thank you for your kind words yesterday when I felt as hopeless as could be. Jen, thanks for letting me talk your ear off last night and today and putting my mind at ease. Amy, Tricia, Ty, Carin, Paula, Kim, Mama, Emily, Leah, Montez......if I am forgetting anyone, forgive me, my mind is shot.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Livin' On A Prayer

Well, just got home from Mag's staple removal appointment. Staples have been removed....YAY! Maggie's right leg is perfect....her left patella is not out of place, it may be a little off some of the time. That is why she is walking a little funny. However, Dr.W said that with time and as scar tissue forms it could be normal or there may be a chance we have to do a little more tweaking.

The bone structure in Maggie May's left leg is very deformed and she may never walk normally and we may have to just deal with that as long as it is not causing pain. She is still taking her pain medication, Metacam and the joint supplement Cosequin. We are hoping the Cosequin will help to heal and repair some of the joint damage in the knees and ward off arthritis.

Time will tell and we will pray/purr that everything heals up and no further surgery is required. Gotta keep positive! Although, I am still a big ball of nerves every time Maggie comes out to walk for a few minutes. I watch every step, feel her knees, call Jr into the room to see if he thinks she is walking differently. I have become obsessed! But, Maggie is being the best sport in all of this. She doesn't even seem to mind the crate and carrier anymore. Which is good because Dr. W recommended 2 more weeks of confinement! Please send purrs our way and think good thoughts for Mags!

**Lori and Sweet Pea, we were very happy to hear that the consult went so well and that surgery is not needed at this time. Sending purrs your way!**

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whole Lotta Love

Maggie just wanted to thank all of her new friends who come over to check out her blog! She appreciates all the purrs and well wishes! Maggie loves company so dont' be strangers and come back often. We will be checking up on all you guys too. 

Tomorrow afternoon she gets her staples out and hopefully will get a great progress report. The weather here has cooled a bit and Maggie seems to be a little stiff in the knees. I pray that is all it is!! When she came out for a few minutes last night, there was something different in her gait. I just left a voicemail with the vet to see if this is normal.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Takin' Care Of Business

"Maizy Grace"

I just had to share these pics with everyone. I am just going to try to convince myself that this was her first time and she was only "experimenting." I know Maizy and all the other kitties are feeling a little left out since Maggie's surgery. I haven't really been a good mama when it comes brushing their teeth lately, shame on me! I guess this is her way of saying she misses it. Point taken!

"If you want something done......better do it yourself!"

"I hope this is whitening toothpaste."

"Don't forget those hard-to-reach back teeth!"

**Don't worry....they have been replaced. Thanks to Jen for giving me that box of toothbrushes a few weeks back. They sure did come in handy!**

Friday, September 12, 2008

Something In The Way She Moves

Just look at her walk......if you could see it in person, it is just beautiful! If her legs weren't shaved and full of metal, you'd never know she had surgery!

The bandage removal appointment went great! Dr. W says we are progressing nicely and Maggie May will probably want to do more than she really should. He said since she essentially had bone surgery, it may take around 8 weeks for it to heal completely. We still need to keep her confined. She is in great spirits now that the adhesive is no longer pulling on her sensitive skin. The staples will be removed on Friday, September 19. She tolerates the staples much better than she did the sutures she had the first time. She seems less interested in pulling them out and that is great!

We just did a little impromptu photo shoot, so I thought I would share.

**Welcome new blog reader, Lori and kitty Sweet Pea, who has been diagnosed with double luxating patellas and is just days away from her 1st birthday. Best of luck to both of you and keep us posted on her progress!**

Welcome To The Jungle

I would like to welcome a new blog reader, Michael. His 6 month old kitten was diagnosed yesterday with a luxating patella that requires surgery. Michael, I wish you all the best and please keep me posted on your kitty's progression though this journey. I hope for you that it is a short and easy journey with great end results!!

This afternoon Maggie May gets her bandages removed....woo hoo! We are hoping for a very good progress report from the vet at this appointment. As you may remember the last bandage removal was followed by some very bad news and me doing all I could not to pass out on the exam room floor. The vet also did survey x-rays last time, don't know if they will be done this time. Guess it depends on what he sees after the bandages are removed. Maggie will still have staples in her legs for about a week longer, so that means she will still have to endure the dreaded e-collar until they are out. Wish us luck this afternoon.

Maggie's appetite has been great lately, maybe it's the food. After bringing home practically every kind of wet food Pet Smart sells, she settled on the food I use for trapping the feral cats for spay and neuter, Whiska's Purrfectly Fish pouches. We use this food for trapping because of it's "high stinkablity factor." I tried something very similar to Whiska's, but healthier, By Nature Organics pouches, Maggie just turned up her little nose and walked/hobbled off. She would rather eat the less expensive version, fine by me! I am hoping that some day soon she goes back to her regular diet of Eukanuba Kitten Dry Formula. However, right now......I am just glad she is eating something and I am able to mix her Cosequin in the food as well.

T.G.I.F--wishing everyone a great weekend!

**Wanted to add that our thoughts are with those in the path of Hurricane Ike. The storm is 200 miles away and the coast is already flooding, not a good sign at all. Praying that all living beings find shelter and safety, from what is said to be a catastrophic storm. God bless**

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walk This Way

Tomorrow afternoon the bandages come off.....thank goodness! Maggie can't stand the bandages and would gladly remove them herself if I would allow it. The adhesive is pulling at her shaved and irritated skin and after almost every step she shakes her leg. I've had to patch a few places on the bandages where it has pulled away from the top of the leg and exposed a few staples.

Not much else to report, other than her walking ability is improving more and more every day. I snapped a few pics for everyone to see.**Note to self.......sweep the floor before taking pics next time ;)**

After eating a tasty meal of sardines and mackerel.....yummy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Sugar Tonight

What a difference a day makes! Our A/C problem has been diagnosed with a coolant leak and the part has been ordered. The nice repair man shot it up with some coolant to get us by until the part arrives. It is so nice to sleep in a much cooler room again. Maggie slept all thought the night with the e-collar on!! Her appetite has dropped off a bit, like it did after the first surgery, so I am giving her extra Nutri-Cal....just not right before bed this time ;) I also give her the splenda-spiked medication in the morning now, and not at night--learned. my. lesson!

To see Maggie May walk is pretty amazing compared to Sunday, the day before the surgery. Even though her legs are still in bandages she is doing a great job of getting around. It is a bit of a struggle to get from laying position to standing and she looks a bit like Bambi on ice, but once she gets going, it is a beautiful thing. The best part-- she no longer walks like a bow-legged crab! I only let her out to walk around for about 10 minutes at a time. The vet said that was just fine.

Maggie May and Stuie the pig

I can't wait for the day I finally get to bring her down stairs to join the rest of our clowder. I know exactly what she is going to do.......she is gonna curl up on the rug in front of the stove while I cook. It is her favorite place to be when I am cooking. Especially when I make homemade Mac N Cheese on Sundays. She loves to eat the cheese that falls to the floor while I am shredding. I can get pretty messy :) No wait, I take that back, the first things she is going to do is put Maya in a sleeper hold, then she will curl up on her rug and wait for falling cheese.

"Where's the cheese?"

***5catsmom....I am so glad you found my blog. One of the main reasons I created this blog was to reach people like you, whose cat has been diagnosed with this odd malady. I pray that Henry doesn't get worse and will never need to have the surgery. Crazy how he and Maggie were both diagnosed at 4 months old. Sounds like they were both right on time!
Our vet recommended supplements that contain glucosamine. One of them is Platinum Performance and the other is Cosequin. Maggie is taking both to help repair her joints. Best of luck to you and your kitties and congratulations on making this world a better place by rescuing Henry!***

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dream On

Mags is doing pretty good considering. Her appetite is great, she is able to walk a little bit, she is using the litter box pretty good, there is just one problem..........she didn't sleep a wink last night and kept us up until 2:30. Well 2:30 is the last time I looked at the clock. She just didn't want to go to sleep. I don't think she ever fell asleep! We tried everything. We moved her from her large crate to her soft-sided carrier, then back to the crate, then back to the carrier. All she wanted to do was chew on her bandages, which is a big no-no, and try to claw her way out of the crate. We put the collar on her...... she either maneuvered her way out of it or got it stuck in her mouth. We tried bitter apple again, and no luck.

Perhaps it had a little to do with the fact that I gave her the high-energy supplement, Nutri-Cal and splenda-spiked pain meds before bed. She hates the taste of her medication, so the vet suggested I add a little sweet n low or splenda to improve the taste......just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! I think after that, Maggie was "wired for sound!" She was a bit of a psycho kitty. I will know better next time. Maybe it was because if Maggie ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Or maybe because our upstairs A/C went out yesterday and it was a tad warm last night. Whatever it was we didn't sleep and we are paying for it today.


Dr. W said that Maggie's legs were twisted, the left worse than the right. He had to deepen the groove that the patella rides in, move and pin the tibial crest in place, and not only use absorbing sutures, but polyester like non-absorbing sutures to keep the patella in place. Maggie's tibial crest (the bony prominence unto which the patella tendon attaches below the knee) was way out of position, so it was cut, transposed and pinned into the correct position. The pins will not need to come out. He also told me something very comforting.......we did nothing to cause the first repair to fail. I have beat myself up over that since last week when we found out it had fell out of correct position. I kept thinking..... was it when I tried to put Maggie in the crate and she freaked out and ran off??? Did I let her out of the crate too much??? I had so much guilt, nice to know it was not our fault. It happened and now it is corrected. Any way you look at it, Maggie was going to need a second surgery anyway, since her right knee ("good" knee) began luxating shortly after the first surgery.

"Patellar Luxation"

"After Surgery"

She will be joining me at work until the sutures come out in about 12-14 days. Don't want to take any chances and have her remove them like last time. Her bandage removal appointment is on Friday. Dr. W wants us to keep her crate confined at least until the sutures are removed. Dr. W is a wonderful if he could only repair air conditioners!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here Comes The Sun.....And I say, It's Alright

"Ferris catchin' some rays"

Our little darlin' is awake and in recovery.......again ;) The tech said that the surgery was successful!! We are scheduled for pick up at 3:30 this afternoon. We can't wait to see her. We are anxious to speak with Dr. W to learn what he had to do this time around to repair her dislocated knee caps.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ridin' The Storm Out

This morning when I let Dixie out and I stood on the porch, I was greeted by a familiar sky. The sky of an approaching tropical system. It is unmistakable and you know when you see it. Tropical storm Hanna is inching her way towards our coast. Tropical storms are nothing new to us, so we make the usual storm preparations which include pulling up the boat, bringing in the yard and porch furniture, making sure the generator is in working order, making sure we have food and the pets have plenty of food..yada, yada, yada. Another preparation was to go to one of my favorite feral cat colonies and load them up with plenty of food. I hope they eat before the rain comes in and washes it away.

"Employee of the month"

Every Friday I go to the bank on Front Street and there are usually lots of people, mostly tourists, especially in the summer. This morning it was very bare, the people and cars were few and far between. The boats have all been taken up or moved to safer places. Looked much like a ghost town. However, looking out across Taylor's Creek, I observed Charlton and Star, two feral horses on the Rachel Carson Reserve, snacking on some cord grass and enjoying the breeze.

Sleeping on the job

Looks like it is gonna be a very slow Friday here at work. Not too many people will be venturing out today, can't say I blame them. It is one of those good sleeping in days. We hope everyone is hunkered down and ready to ride out the squall.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Movin' On Up

Maggie May's surgery has been moved up to Monday! I called yesterday and told the tech she is hardly able to walk at all and asked if we could do Monday instead of Wednesday. We originally decided on Wednesday because that is when she was scheduled to get her spay sutures removed. Not sure when they will do that now, Monday may be too early to remove them, if so I will have to bring her back in on Wednesday......hopefully not. I don't want to have to move her around too much after this one!

Maggie is on my desk in her new soft-sided cat carrier. Of course, I made it even more cushy when I added her memory foam mattress, favorite blanket, and pink stuffed pig. Girl has got it made! It is much easier to carry around than the big, bulky, hard carrier we had before. This one has a very handy shoulder strap! Only one's blue, not pink.......but, she's learning to live with that :)

**Want to give a "shout out" to Jen for covering my cat colony feedings this week. It helps more than you know!**

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wake Me Up When Septmeber Ends

Cal, in his sailboat.

Maggie May comes to work with me now, maybe I can add her to the payroll. She spends most of her time in her carrier wearing the dreaded funnel around her head. The other part of the time she spends on my lap at the computer. She has gotten pretty good at removing the e-collar herself, so that is why she joins me at work so I can keep an eye on her at all times. Luckily, I have a very cool, animal loving boss! Maggie doesn't believe she needs the sutures and now, staples in her leg and belly and likes to remove them. Bitter apple is not working, but the collar does as long as she will keep it on. I added a very hip, very cute, orange polka dotted ribbon to the collar to help it fit more snuggly. However, Maggie is Houdini and can make the collar disappear in an instant. This is gonna be a very long month!

It is pretty heartbreaking to watch her walk now, with both knee caps dislocated. Luckily, the right knee has not gotten as bad as the left, yet. When it does pop out she is only able to take about 3 steps before she has to lay down. We keep the walking to a minimum as much as possible. Yesterday the doc added an extra pain medication to Maggie's regimen. So now she gets medications 4 times per day. We cut the Clavamox in half, twice a day, to help with the nausea and not eating. I think it is working a bit, Maggie at a little breakfast this morning. I had to drop the pieces of food on the floor like treats, one by one, but she ate them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bad Moon Rising

Maggie is scheduled for surgery on both knees on Wednesday, September 10. She had x-rays today that confirmed my fears....her right knee is luxating and her left knee cap fell out of place after surgery. Dr. W will be doing a more aggressive surgery this time and will most likely be removing part of her bone, I believe he said the femur. He also said there could be too much tension from a tendon, I think.......

It was all a blur to me as I laid, yes, laid on the bench in the exam room as he drew diagrams and explained the situation. All I was trying to do was stay conscious, but everything was going black. Maggie had her bandage removed and they had to add a few extra staples to her incision. There was blood. Blood and no breakfast for me usually means hitting the floor in a black out. Luckily, I was sitting down. The one time Jr doesn't accompany me to a visit, go figure.

Maggie May is sitting here in her carrier with me at work, being a good little girl with her e-collar on. We are just really trying to be positive and think good thoughts. We will get through it.....just quite the blow. Feel so bad for Mags to have to go though this all over again, this time with both legs. I would really love to be able to fast forward to October.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Here are some pics from last night and today. Maggie May has an appointment tomorrow to have her bandages removed and it couldn't come sooner. We had to fashion a sock around her leg to prevent her from is working quite well.