Monday, November 10, 2008

Turn Me Loose

On Friday, last week, we let Maggie out of the room while we were at work for the first time. When we got back home for lunch she was laying on the bed in the bedroom. When she does leave the room she usually just hangs out at the top of the stairs, kinda keeping an eye on things below. If you stand at the bottom of the stairs and talk to her she gets all excited and does "sideways-Halloween-kitty" back and forth at the top of the steps. All the while making her very precious "purrt" sounds. It is very cute and hopefully one day I will capture it on video.
When she does eventually make it down the stairs, it is not for very long. She will usually just locate Maya, put him in dragon sleeper with a few bunny kicks to the face, then she is off running back up stairs.

**Welcome Kris and Jasper. Jasper has been diagnosed with luxating patellas and will probably be facing surgery in the near future! Please keep us posted, Kris.**