Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ready To Run

Thanks to Diamond Emerald-Eyes for this awesome graphic!

Just wanted to give a Maggie May update.........
It was a bad feeling seeing Maggie limping and crying the same way she did last year before her surgeries. Ok, it was beyond bad! After 3 surgeries, we couldn't imagine her having to go through that all over again. Well, we have good news! She has not limped since coming home from the vet on Tuesday. Her right knee is still slightly swollen and she will be on "bedroom lock down" for about a week while she is taking the anti-inflammatory meds and recovering. We are pretty sure the right knee did pop out of place, but popped back in before the x-ray....crazy! She was limping for the vet techs, but when Dr. W came in to examine her and take the x-rays...... no more limping. We're just glad its back in! Right now she is ready to run, but first she needs to get that swelling down.
We appreciate all the concern, kind words, purrs and prayers for Maggie May!


  1. We are so glad Maggie will be ok! We can only imagine your heart sinking when you saw her limp. After our Grete has gone through 2 elbow surgeries and her lengthy recovery, we hold our breath whenever she plays and just lifts her front paw. The thought of either of them having to go through it all again is just too much.

  2. We're glad Maggie May is doing so much better. That would be a scare.

  3. We think that you've had enough worries ultimately and just hope efurryones stays or gets well! Purrs!!!

  4. We're happy to hear the news about Maggie May was good for a change. Purrs for her continued health!

  5. Happy happy news! Maggie May, you be good and don't do no running, yet.

  6. Purrrs!
    And the photo are awsome!

  7. I love the graphic that Diamond Emerald-Eyes made for Maggie May. I am glad that the knee just popped out and back in again, doing no damage other than the swelling. I have a wonky knee that does that a bit sometimes and it hurts. Rest up, Maggie May, and you'll be good as new in no time.

  8. We are so glad that Maggie May is feeling better. Here is the stuff Abby was taking for her hip.

    Fish Oil in the pump


  9. Glad to hear Maggie May is doing better. Wat a scary thing to see her limping again.

  10. Oh I am so glad I is a little late in visiting.. Maggie-May the angels are on your side.. as are we!! :)))

  11. Maggie we is so happy yoo is okay, jus take it easy ok?

  12. I hAve an award for u!
    Grab it in my blog!

  13. purrrrrrrs and many more puuuurrrrrs wes is glad to hear yers feelin a bits better...we knows how hard it can beess and sending many meows to gets all beters ....meows....and purrs

  14. Oh Maggie! I'm sorry you were so hurty. purrrrrrrrs that you are feeling better now. I think your beans should take long naps with you while you have an ice pack (wrapped in a paper towel so no burned skin) on your knee. Then you'll be warm and cozy.

    Many healing purrs to you!

    Also, thank you for the nice thoughts for my family. purrs

  15. We are glad to hear Maggie May is doing a little better, we are still sending purrs, purr-rayers and special warm thoughts your way!

    Love Theodore and Sasha

  16. I hope Maggie May makes a good recovery!

    I happened upon your blog finding that you volunteer for a T-N-R program.

    I am on day 2 of my own T-N-R project and am blogging about it. Please visit as I welcome comments, suggestions and advice, especially from people who have experience doing this.

    It is a colony of 12 I am trying to manage.

    Thanks and prayers from me for Maggie May!

  17. you keeps getting bettur!

    n chek urz email! we sended u
    a Got Chutzpah Award!

    Katie Too
    Certified Eccentric n Ornery

  18. Happy St Patrick's Day!

    We is lookin forward to corn beef later if we can get it away from Jake the woofie first.

  19. Hi Maggie May! As you knows I am a calico pattern kitty too. And I hears we are both April 2008 kittens! That is wonderfur news. It is also wonderfur that you hasn't limped and I am sending you healing purrs Okay. And your momma gots you a Happy Kitty Heart, it smells like catnip a mile away! I hopes you feel better soon.

  20. Get well soon! Awesome pics .......

  21. Poor Maggie May! Give her our love/patience as she is in bedroom lock down yet again. Marley is in week 9 of his recovery but still has a limp so he is also on kitty lock down for at least another 4 weeks. Drs say his left knee is in place but his knee may still be uncomfortable from the surgery which is causing the limping. But we definitely feel your pain about being locked up (as opposed to being a free range kitty!)!

    Out of curiosity, what supplements are you giving Maggie May?

    Lots of wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Megan and Marley!

  22. Hi Megan and Marley!! So great to hear from you again. Maggie May is a free bird now and has not limped since this incidence on March 12. I have a very good feeling that me stopping the supplements for a period of time caused her knee to pop back out. I will never make that mistake again. I swear by the supplements now.

    I am so sorry to hear Marley still has a limp! Poor kitty! I wonder if supplements would help him as well? Maggie May takes 1 Cosequin capsule, 1/2 Vetri-Science MethylSulfonylMethane 250mg(MSM) capsule, and 1/2 Ligaplex I capsule, per day in her wet food in the mornings. The vet gave us a tube of Feline Joint Gel (like laxatone) I give her about an inch worth of that per day also.

    Is Marley currently taking any supplements or meds?

    We are sending Marley lots and lots of comforting vibes and healing purrs! I definitely feel for you and Marley and hope his recovery is a swift one and his limp goes away!

    Feel free to email me by clicking on the about me.

    Take care,
    Dana and Maggie May

  23. Yeahh Maggie May, keep up the good work !

  24. We hope Maggie Mae is okay and you all had a good Easter.

  25. Maggie, I have plans to teleport over later in the day with my party guest to party on at your place! Like this our mutual furriends can celebrate with both of us! What do you think?
    Purrs, your almost one year old furriend Siena.

  26. Hi, Dana,

    Thanks for visiting The Marmelade Gypsy! I send warm wishes (from the Gypsy and Me) to Maggie May. It sounds like things are looking up.

  27. Huge purrs for Maggie May. We hope all will be well now.


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