Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ready To Run

Thanks to Diamond Emerald-Eyes for this awesome graphic!

Just wanted to give a Maggie May update.........
It was a bad feeling seeing Maggie limping and crying the same way she did last year before her surgeries. Ok, it was beyond bad! After 3 surgeries, we couldn't imagine her having to go through that all over again. Well, we have good news! She has not limped since coming home from the vet on Tuesday. Her right knee is still slightly swollen and she will be on "bedroom lock down" for about a week while she is taking the anti-inflammatory meds and recovering. We are pretty sure the right knee did pop out of place, but popped back in before the x-ray....crazy! She was limping for the vet techs, but when Dr. W came in to examine her and take the x-rays...... no more limping. We're just glad its back in! Right now she is ready to run, but first she needs to get that swelling down.
We appreciate all the concern, kind words, purrs and prayers for Maggie May!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calling All Angels - Urgent Purrs Needed UPDATE

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This morning as Maggie May was running upstairs to the bedroom to eat her breakfast, I saw something that knocked the wind right outta my chest. Maggie was limping. The kind of limping she did last year before her surgery. We let Maggie have her breakfast then put her in the carrier with Stuie the pig and left the house. It was 7:30am and we got to the vets office as they were opening. Right now I am just waiting to hear from Dr.W. I'm assuming xrays are in order to check her knees. She was just there on Wednesday of last week for a tummy issue and he felt her knees and they were fine. We need all the purrs and prayers we can get right now. I will update as soon as I hear something.
Update on Mags!
Good news...... Dr. W did an xray of the right knee and felt both knees and they are still in place! He said the limping could be that she may have pulled something or even her right knee may have popped out then popped back into place. The right knee is swollen compared to the left one. The plan of action is to give Mags Metacam, an anti-inflammatory, and also a new product called Feline Joint Gel. It looks a lot like laxatone, so hopefully she will eat it right up.
I had been giving her supplements ever since her last surgery in September, but stopped them recently to see if they were causing her upset stomach. I will not make that mistake again!

Thanks to all for your purrs, prayers, and kind words. I will keep ya'll posted!!