Monday, May 11, 2009

I Like It, I Love It - Movie Monday

After seeing this Plague Rat on several different blogs, I decided to get one for the kitties. I purchased it from SuppliesJust4Pets. All the kitties loved it! They even played with the package it came in because it smelled of cat nip and valerian. Here is Maggie May enjoying her new Plaque Rat. She didn't let the others play with it at first, she was very protective over her new toy.

This toy is great for bunnykickin'! Maggie May highly recommends it!

*Plague Rats are handmade by Sally Pointer from natural linen, wool and leather. Stuffed with her tried and tested blend of top quality catnip herb and coarsely chopped valerian root, your cat will be delighted to 'protect' you from this fearsome beastie. --From the Supplies Just for Pets site