Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome, April!

Maggie May has a new friend named April. She just had her surgery to repair her luxating patella. Her mom is very worried because she is still limping a bit.  Please everyone leave your positive comments for April and her mom.... especially those of you who have gone through this surgery before. Thanks!

April, it's so great to meet you! I am so sorry to hear you are only 5 days out from having your own knee surgery. I hope and purray that the surgery will take care of your naughty knee cap for good!

I had my surgeries in 2008. I am fully recovered and you'd never even know I had them. I ended up having three surgeries total because the first two didn't take because my legs are so misshapen. The third and final surgery used a method often used in dogs with ligament problems. The vet used the medical equivalent of 50lb fishing line to hold the knee caps in place. I was confined to the crate for 30 days following the last surgery. Then my mom and dad would only let me out in their bedroom for a while and I had steps going up to the bed to keep me from jumping. I still use them :) The first time I was let out of the room, my mom followed me around and kept her eye on me like a hawk, making sure I didn't jump or injure my legs in any way. Moms worry like that, as you know.

Tell your mom everything is going to be ok. I limped a little after my surgery, but walked much better after the bandages and staples were removed. Some of my friends who have gone through the surgery still limp now and then, but are feeling so much better than before. Cosequin is great for the joints and may help you with the healing. It helped me a lot!

Please keep us posted on your recovery and know that we are purraying very hard for you to make a full recovery!

Maggie May


  1. We are purring for you sweetie April! Nice to meet you!

  2. Oh April...much love and purrs to you. XXXOOO

  3. Any friend of my beautiful girlfriend is a friend of mine! May I introduce myself, Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) at your service. I first met the delicious Maggie May when my Äiti (my mum) was trawling the interwebs looking for help and advice because I had a naughty kneecap - one of my patellae had decided to luxate. I had the surgery and I am now walking again fine. The operation was not the most fun I had ever had, and as I was quite young (about 8 months) I would not keep so still so I was up and walking very quickly. Now, may I ask you to keep this quiet as I have a reputation to uphold, but my vet said my muscles are not very strong (I lost my mother cat when I was maybe 5 weeks old so had a bad start in life). So it is possible to notice a little limp when I am running very fast. But it is not much and I can climb very well. Now in perheeni (my family) I have a sister, Aila. She got chased by our brother Tuomo who was being quite mean. She slipped and BOTH kneecaps luxated. Bad luck! Onr slipped back of its own accord, but she had to have the operation on the other. She has very thick strong muscles and they grew back really well. There's no limp on her! She is fully recovered and there is no way you'd know she had the op. Both of us climb like monkeys, Äiti says. I am apparently a little nervous of jumping down fro a height, but Aila is fearless.
    We wish you the very best of luck, dear April. The worst is over because the pain should be getting better now. Oh, try to eat lots of really high quality protein stuff, and take some seraquin/coseuin as it helps the joints. Please let us know how you are getting on.

    Many purrs and noserubs. And of course my bestest purrs for my queen, Maggie May.

  4. Purrs and paws crossed for you, April!

  5. We hope April has a quick and full recuperation from her surgery.

  6. Purrs to you for a quick recovery!!

  7. Sending love and quick healing from Marley! He had a double luxating patella when he was 7 months old. The hardest part was making sure he didn't start jumping and around and had plenty of time to recover. He was an energetic kitten! We borrowed a family dog cage and kept him in there for the first few weeks (with lots of time out wrapped in a towel in our arms). Slowly he transitioned out of the cage and into a furniture-less room. We are now 3 years out from the surgery and Marley likes to climb and jump around.. he can jump 5 feet up from the ground and has no pain or limp! Best of luck to April! Sending healing vibes your way!

  8. Meowwwwww my dear Furry Friends… A BIG heartfelt thank you to Maggie May and all those who sent me warm and cosy purrs… Me and Mum could not have done this without your kind support. I am doing really well. Got my stitches taken off last week and they are healing – slowly but surely! I have been asked to be in the cage until the end of this month. At the end of this month, my vet will check if my naughty knee is behaving or not. Mum and Dad take turns to let me out of the cage for a little bit in the evening (as long as I am not jumping around, which is really hard) and they keep a very close watch on me. It is really funny to watch them get panic attacks even when I move a little bit! In the meanwhile, Bella (my sister) keeps me entertained and tries to smooch me when I am in the cage. I can’t wait to get out and give Bella a tight hug. But for now my movement is very restricted.

    It is spring in New Zealand and I am really hoping to be running around in summer. Once my vet gives me the go ahead, Bella and I will be out and about in the sunshine. Daddy dear spent Father’s Day installing the cat door for us. We still haven’t given him a present as yet! Bella and me have planned a little hunting trip (in our backyard) this summer, so we might just get him a mouse then! Just can’t wait to go out and get some fresh air and meet the cat next door (A handsome lad he is!). For now I am enjoying all the sunshine that comes in my room. Shall send you some pictures soon!

    Warm and fuzzy purrs for each one of you!      

    PS: For all those going through a naughty knee, it’s a difficult time but.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

  9. Lots of love from April !!!


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