Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An Update from April!

Hello everyone! I was so happy to wake up this morning and see an update on April! April had knee surgery last month and her mom was really worried about her recovery. Well, it's all good news!! Sounds like April would make a great blogger! I'd love to hear all about her fun adventures with her sister, Bella! Continue with the great recovery, April. I look forward to hearing from you again!!

Meowwwwww my dear Furry Friends… A BIG heartfelt thank you to Maggie May and all those who sent me warm and cozy purrs… Me and Mum could not have done this without your kind support. I am doing really well. Got my stitches taken off last week and they are healing – slowly but surely! I have been asked to be in the cage until the end of this month. At the end of this month, my vet will check if my naughty knee is behaving or not. Mum and Dad take turns to let me out of the cage for a little bit in the evening (as long as I am not jumping around, which is really hard) and they keep a very close watch on me. It is really funny to watch them get panic attacks even when I move a little bit! In the meanwhile, Bella (my sister) keeps me entertained and tries to smooch me when I am in the cage. I can’t wait to get out and give Bella a tight hug. But for now my movement is very restricted.

It is spring in New Zealand and I am really hoping to be running around in summer. Once my vet gives me the go ahead, Bella and I will be out and about in the sunshine. Daddy dear spent Father’s Day installing the cat door for us. We still haven’t given him a present as yet! Bella and me have planned a little hunting trip (in our backyard) this summer, so we might just get him a mouse then! Just can’t wait to go out and get some fresh air and meet the cat next door (A handsome lad he is!). For now I am enjoying all the sunshine that comes in my room. Shall send you some pictures soon!

Warm and fuzzy purrs for each one of you!     

PS: For all those going through a naughty knee, it’s a difficult time but.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!


  1. Yay! Äiti was going to email you about an update so we were delighted to read this. Indeed, brave April - it will pass! It is a horrible experience and you must be patient - and you have the summer t o look forward to. We continue to keep our paws crossed for you.
    And Maggie May, my beloved - many thanks for your message. My tail puffed with pride reading your name. *sigh*. Take care of yourself, my little chickadee! xxxxx

  2. This sounds like great news - I hope April's knee heals up just like it should!

  3. That's good news! We are purring and praying for April's continued good recovery. :)


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