Monday, September 10, 2012

Update on Reese! Purr Request!

Hello everyone! We just wanted to let you know we received an update on Reese. After the reevaluation last month, Reese's mom and vet decided to give crate rest a try- to see if Reese would improve with rest and not need the surgery. Well, Reese has been crated for 3 weeks now and is adjusting well according to her mom. Even better, the limping seems to be more infrequent! She still has about 3 weeks to go.

So here's what I need for all my friends to do..... Let all cross our paws, claws, eyes and whiskers for dear Reese! Purr and purray that Reese will be all healed up when she is released in 3 weeks.

Best of luck, Reese! We're pulling for ya!
Maggie May


  1. We are sending lots of purrs for the crate rest to work, and for Reese to not need surgery.

  2. My sisters and I are all sending purrs to sweet Reese.

    It took me 6 tries to get past the word verification, tis awful.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Brian! I've removed the dreaded work verification :)

    Thanks to Eric and Flynn and Brian and sisters for the purrs for Reese!

  4. I am purring lots for Reese to heal up over the next three weeks!

  5. We're revvin up our motors fur Reese!

  6. Our yes, loads of purrs. Many many ourrs. Pssst Reese, I was not crated at all!! You can do this :)
    Noserubs and headbonks to you, Maggue May, my queen.

  7. Agh Äiti, wake up. Purrs. Maggie May. How many times do I have to tell you! She's all thumbs typing today.


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