Thursday, December 6, 2012

Purrs for BillCat

Maggie May is asking that all her friends purr for her new friend, BillCat. BillCat is just three years old and has been diagnosed with..... you guessed it - luxating patellas!! Darn those naughty knee caps! Bill has already been through a lot. At 2-3 months old, he and his litter mates underwent a surgical procedure to correct their eyes. They were born with eyelid agnesis -  they were missing the skin under the eyelids. So the surgeon took skin grafts from their months and constructed lower eyelids. Wow!  

Well, now it looks as though BillCat will need to undergo yet another surgery, this time to fix his knees. At the moment they are looking at just one, but by the surgery date on December 19, they may do both! The next two weeks will tell whether a double knee surgery is necessary. So Mags is asking you all to please purr and send good vibes to both BillCat and his mom. She is very worried, anxious, etc.

We ♥ you, BillCat! You will be in our thoughts and purrayers!

Thanks everyone!


  1. We are all sending our very best purrs to that handsome BillCat.

  2. We are sending lots of purrs to BillCat for a successful surgery.

  3. Poor BillCat.....we will be purring for them all.

  4. We'll rev up our motors for BillCat!

  5. Yes many many purrs. You will keep us posted, please.

    Purrs to you too, my sweet xxxx


  7. Big purrs and prayers for BillCat!

  8. Purring for Bill!

    Thank you for your kind words of sympathy in the loss of our Joey.

    cats of wildcat woods


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