Friday, October 26, 2012

The Amazing Reese!

Ok, first off.... how cute is Reese in her Halloween costume?!?! 
I just love a tortie... they're always ready for Halloween!

I just received an update from Reese's mom- Reese is amazing! It's always sad when I get emails about a kitty having luxating patellas and having/needing surgery because I know just how difficult it is on the kitty's family and especially the kitty. So, when I can get a success story like Reese's it's such a wonderful thing! Reese recovered from her luxating patella with crate confinement, a little weight loss and joint supplements. I happen to believe the loving care Reese received from her family was the greatest treatment of all!

On another note.... Looks like Sandy is going to drop lots of rain and some wind on us this weekend. To anyone in this hurricane's path.... STAY SAFE, Y'ALL!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Yay for Reese!

Guess what, y'all..... I just got a very awesome email from Reese's mom..... Reese is doing very well - no limps after the crate confinement! The vet said the knee felt great! Hopefully, Reese will continue to improve and never need the dreaded knee surgery! Keep thinking those good thoughts and sending those healing purrs for Reese!

I just LOVE getting email updates like this! Yay, Reese!