Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maggie May's New Friends!

Hello everyone! Maggie May would love for you all to go over and meet her new friends at Barncat Theodore of Hampstead- three gorgeous Maine Coons living in New Hampshire.

One of the beauties, Tessi, had surgery to repair her luxating patella last week. Please stop in an show some love for Tessi and her fur-siblings.

Thanks and have a wonderfur day!


  1. Thank you so very much for stopping by and your kind note about Lucy. I truly appreciate it.

    I'll stop by this blog and say hi.

  2. Thank you!!!!! You are so kind. It's so good to know we aren't alone in this. Hoping to get Tessi's story up and posted today. The sky started falling at home last night (unrelated to Tessi) and I never got on the computer.
    Again, thank you!!!
    Hugs from our corner,

  3. We'll purr and pray for Tessi to have a successful surgery. And we will go and visit Barncat Theodore now! :)

  4. Thank you to everyone who came over to visit. I've been trying to keep Tessi's progress update on Theodore's blog. Some days are easier than others to find the time. Thought you might be tickled by what I came home to after work yesterday. She's taking very good care of herself. ♥
    Her staples come out tomorrow.

    1. oops... I never link correctly

  5. How does one proceed when the loss is a human companion? My sister just lost her husband in June and while their cat does not seem to be grieving, she does look for him in their usual places; his meditation spot where she would sit with him as he meditated for example.


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