Monday, August 12, 2013

Peek A Boo Cal is Back!

Have you ever sold something and instantly regretted it? You know, had seller's remorse? Well, I have. In 2009, our beloved cat, Cal, was taken way too soon when we had to let him go because of intestinal lymphoma. He was 10 years old. I had taken this photo of him just a couple of weeks before he left us.
A few months later, I decided to turn this photograph into this painting....

Then, I got the crazy idea to list it for sale in my etsy shop. I really thought no one would ever buy it, but someone did. I remember it was right at Thanksgiving and I really could have used some Christmas shopping money. So, I sold it. I regretted it ever since. My heart hurt.

A couple of weeks ago, contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in a review and I thought, "Absolutely!" This was my chance to get a little piece of my heart back. I decided on getting a canvas print of "Peek A Boo Cal." When it arrived, I was beyond ecstatic! It looked amazing and just like the original!

It looks even better in person! The lighting in these pictures do not do it justice. Here it is hanging in the spare bedroom and if you look at the nightstand you will see a picture of Cal. I know he would approve!

 I highly recommend for canvas prints. They are purrfect in every way! This would also look quite cool as a small car magnet or maybe a license plate!


  1. How wonderful. Someone did a graphic of Sweet Praline and mom Paula would love to get a canvas of it.

  2. dood...this iza way awesum pick sure oh ewe....they did a grate job...tho we noe yur mom's wuz even grater...~~~~


  3. That is so awesome you did this - it's like getting your painting back!

  4. Beautiful! It looks perfect on the wall.

  5. Oh, that's wonderful! It's like a part of you has been restored! :)

  6. Lovely paint! Better than any Picasso!


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