Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun Times with Fev-vers!

How excited was I to receive this Interactive Feather Toy from The Natural Pet Company?!?! My cats are crazy about feathers and I like any toy that is interactive- it's great for bonding between me and the cats and between the cats themselves. 

The toy arrived quickly and packaged very well. The wand is long and sturdy and arrives in two pieces that easily slip together. There are 3 (THREE) feather toy attachments! I thought that was an awesome bonus! We tried out all three and they were all a big hit with the kitties. Although, Saylor was a bit unsure of the bell at first. The others did not seem to mind. As you can see, the bell didn't deter her too much. LOL
Biggify for full psycho kitty effect

So, Saylor gets a bit psycho when it comes to feathers. She is really serious, as you can see. Just look at those eyes and planted claws! What a little nut! I don't think she wanted the other kitties to play with her... She wanted the toy all to herself and even tried to run away with it a couple of times!

 Ferris and Maizy joined in the action when Saylor allowed. Ferris and Maizy are both really great at the high jumps... too bad my camera was too slow to capture it.

They didn't want to stop playing, but eventually mommy's arms got tired. LOL! Saylor and the other kitties highly recommend this feather toy. It's interactive, fun and durable. They give it two big paws up!


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