Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Fun-Filled Package from the King of Finland!

Oh wow! Look what arrived in the mail alllll the way from Finland!!!
It's an awesome package filled with fun goodies just for me! Look at that adorable notepad!!
A calendar starring my king, Punapippuri!
Totally awesome handmade gifts such as super fun Rainbow Spiders and a Patriotic Packing Tape Toy! These toys are awesome because they are handmade with love and I've never seen or played with toys like these before! So. Much. Fun!

Thank you so much, Punapipurri! You have made my Christmas so amazing as always! I hope your gift arrives very soon!


  1. I am so pleased you like the present, my sweetheart. I am delighted you like the toys - yes indeed, hand made and of course I helped Äiti.
    How is your eye, my darling ?

    Under the mistletoe smoochies x

  2. What awesome gifts! They know how to treat their girlfriends in Finland.

  3. maggie...theeze R total awesum gifts !!! way kewl oh de king !! ta send em two ewe...how iz yur eye doin by de way...hope itz like heeled, kleer N all that good stuff!!!

  4. Pee Ess - we do hope your eye is still improving!

  5. Wow, what great pressies, Maggie May!

    Hey, how's your eye doing these days???

  6. Such lovely gifts that Punapippuri has sent to you.


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