Tuesday, September 23, 2014

6th Annual Maggie May Day!

Well here it is upon us again! Another anniversary of Maggie May's third and final surgery to correct her luxating patellas! Today marks SIX years! You can read all about it by clicking the link above.

Maggie May update: SIX YEARS post-surgery and Maggie's legs are purrfect! We even had a little scare recently when Maggie May climbed up onto the top kitchen cabinets to try to tussle with Maizy... when I started to run towards her to help her down.... she.....JUMPED! Jumped from about 7' onto the floor. I felt like the world stopped for a minute and we just stood there waiting for her to move. She did. Just like nothing had even happened. If only she knew how scared we were! Does she not remember the knee surgeries? Geez! LOL! So, after that, Maggie May and Maizy were both put on a short course of Fluoxetine (Prozac) ☺ . They just do not get along. At all. Both of them full of tortitude! We've tried natural products with no luck. Their dislike for one another really runs deep. I think we are seeing some improvement though!

Here are some recent shots of our Tootlebug!

 Doing what she does best... cat napping!
Always with a leg sticking out. Funny girl!

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating Maggie May's special day!